Guided Tour

Aperitivo in Milan

Aperitivo in Milan is more than just eating, it’s a social habit. After a long day of hard work in this bustling city, people love to relax and have a drink with friends and colleagues.

With your local guide, you’ll have the opportunity to live a real “aperitivo experience” by tasting some Italian specialities in different local haunts that you’d never be able to find on your own.

You’ll try tasty street food, flavorful cheese, mouthwatering salami and ham while toasting with regional wines and cocktails.Along the way, your guide will show you some historical and artistic hidden gems located off the beaten track and tell you fascinating stories about Milan and its millennia old history.

Aperitivo-time is typically in late afternoon, but since you’re on holidays you’re allowed to have it at any time of the day: after all it’s always 5 p.m. somewhere in the world!