Club sandwich at the Swiss Corner
Club sandwich at the Swiss Corner

Eating out in Milan is always an  interesting experience: new places are opening, other ones are changing and fresh trends are arriving. We’ve decided to write about the ones we like and to share our impressions, and since a single post would be too short, we’re proud to introduce you our column…Eating out in Milan! How many chapters? What about endless? Enjoy the #1!

The Swiss Corner Lounge Bistrot

The perfect place for a business lunch or a cup of tea to take a break from a shopping marathon in the city center.  They have a  friendly and professional staff, good food and nice and cosmopolitan atmosphere. We’ve tried the club sandwitch, the tartare and the crepes and everything was fresh, delicious and well presented.

Even if you need to work you can stay at the  table, use the internet connection, take your time while drinking your tea and nobody will rush you or make you feel amiss. This Swiss Corner couldn’t be more Milanese!

Our tip: Choose a table near the huge full-lenght windows which will give you the view of the busy Milanese life.

Ramen Soup at Zazà Ramen
Ramen Soup at Zazà Ramen

Zazà Ramen

A place we’re never tired about is the Zazà Ramen, a ramen bar in via Solferino, where an interesting food scene is blooming. Forget the Japanese decorations, this place looks like a northern European restaurant: wood and essential details are very well combined.

And here comes the food, after new, row and surprising appetizers his majesty the  ramen soup arrives on the table and…is a festival for the eyes, impossible not to take at least a picture! You can choose the broth, the ramen and the topping, but trust us, any soup you’ll choose will be delicious and fresh. We’re still deciding if they’re more beautiful or tasty…the first aspect you can judge by the picture, the second one..well you have to try!

Our tip: For a special touch, try one of the sake from their selection served in the squared-wooden “cup”, a truly discovery.


Right in front of Zazà Ramen, just on the other sidewalk, there’s our favourite place at the moment: the Dry. More than a pizzeria and not just a cocktail bar, but a lucky combination which is considered one of the best pizzerie in town, a surprising cocktail bar and yeah one of the trendiest places to go in the city.

Dry Milano
Dry Milano

What you’ll notice first is that the cocktail menu is longer than the restaurant one and that every cocktail comes with its own meticulous description and history. The pizza and the focacce are simply amazing, you can choose the  toppings and they will be served fresh and aside. People coming here are international, interesting, fashionable but relaxed, don’t miss it!

Our tip: Even if it’s always busy, try to stay in the bar area, maybe crowded, but far more exciting!

Stay tuned ‘cause the next post we’ll be about where to eat in Via Vigevano, the new Milanese food mecca!