Welcome to Far from the madding crowd – #1 East Milan. This it the first of a series of posts which will guide you around less known neighborhoods of Milan, away from the busy center but where real locals go.

L'OV Milano
L’OV Milano

Start your day with a heart­warming breakfast at L’ov, a place where eggs rule (ovo = egg) and which offers the perfect breakfast for anybody: Italian, “energetic”, or American.

Then embark on a tour of the Milanese neighbourhood famous for its elegant Art Nouveau buildings: take a stroll along via Mozart, corso Venezia, via Cappuccini, via Barozzi, via Malpighi and enjoy the richly decorated facades and the amazing details (such as the century­old bronze doorphone in the shape of a human ear!).

Have a break at Giacomo Bistrot, where you will feel at home surrounded by shelves full of old books. Giacomo Bulleri, the owner, has been recently awarded with “Ambrogino d’Oro”, a Milanese high honour given to noteworthy citizens.

If you have kids, start the afternoon with a visit to MUBA, a centre of cultural and artistic projects and activities for children.

If you are interested in design, don’t miss Zanotta Shop, with its iconic furniture, or Flos lamps in corso Monforte.

Giacomo Bistrot
Giacomo Bistrot

For an ultimate fashion experience we recommend Coin departement store, but if you prefer something unique visit the atelier of Anna Lenti, famous for the colourful fabrics that she uses for her creations.

A truly Milanese dinner? Then head to Al Less. Boiled meat with sauces aside is a local speciality that you can’t miss.