Guided Tour

A Day in the Footsteps of Pino Lella

A day in the footsteps of Pino Lella
Beneath a Scarlet Sky, by Mark Sullivan

A different way to visit Milan: a day in the footsteps of Pino Lella.

Pino’s life, only recently revealed and narrated in the book Beneath a scarlet sky, by the American writer Mark Sullivan, sounds like the script of a war movie. Yet it is all true.

With our tour, you will follow his adventures in the wounded city occupied by the Nazis, during the most dramatic years in the history of Milan.

At the same time, you will visit some of the most fascinating highlights of our city, starting from the imposing cathedral, Duomo, where the body of cardinal Schuster, a key figure for Pino, was buried.

In the courtyards of Medieval Sforza Castle many people suffered a horrible death, including Anna, the woman that conquered Pino’s heart. And in the Monumental Cemetery, an open air museum of funerary art, we will walk along the same gallery where Pino went desperately looking for the corpse of his love.

The Memorial of Shoah, a testament to the persecution of the Jews, and Loreto square, home of the most tragic memories of the city, will be the emotional climax of our tour.

Finally, we will end the tour on a happy note: with a drink at Majestic Diana Hotel, where Pino celebrated the end of the Nazi occupation playing jazz music for the American army.

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