10 Best Things to Do #4 – A Luxury Lunch at a Little Price

Our fourth tip in the list of the 10 best things to do in Milan is a gift for gourmands: enjoy a luxury lunch at a very little price.

No kidding: we are talking of the best restaurants in Milan, some of them awarded with Michelin stars, where the bill for a normal dinner may be a three-digit number. Yet they also offer business lunch at very small prices, ranging from 30 to 50 euro.

These are our favourite three.


ViVa – Viviana Varese

A temptation for gourmands
Eataly Smeraldo

ViVa, formerly Alice, has been recently renovated and renamed after the chef, Viviana Varese. Both the food and the location deserve its Michelin star, not only for the elegant furniture, but also for the great view of piazza 25 Aprile on one side – and of the spectacular kitchen on the other side.
A restaurant with a bonus: it is housed inside Eataly Smeraldo, so we bet you won’t resist the temptation to spend the rest of your afternoon walking along its aisles filled with the best delicacies from all over Italy.
Monday to Friday, business lunch costs 45 euro. At dinner, tasting menu costs 125/159 euro.


Filippo La Mantia Oste e Cuoco

Filippo La Mantia is from Sicily, and his restaurant reflects his origins. You will find arancina, caponata di melanzane, cous cous alla Norma, just to name a few of his specialities.
Surrounded by mirrors and contemporary artworks (including an amazing Spider Man), you will spend just 30 euro for lunch, wine included (only Monday to Friday). Surprise: the buffet is free, so you may have a double helping of cannolo, if you want!



Strenght and taste
Matteo Torretta of Asola

At the 9th floor of the Brian & Barry department store in piazza S. Babila, 5 minutes from Duomo square, meet Matteo Torretta, chef of Asola restaurant. You will recognize him by the dozens of tattoos he displays on his massive forearms, the look of a rugby player, and the sweetness of a boy scout. Try his delicious risotto alla milanese: memorable.
Business lunch, Monday to Friday, costs 32 euro. View of Duomo included.


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