Guided Tour

Olive Oil Experience

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a pillar of Italian cuisine, a reassuring presence in every Italian kitchen. It is also an incredibly complex product, not different from wine: there are many types of olives and olive oils, different ways to use them, and quality may be extremely varied.

That is why we offer a crash course in our rich olive oil culture: the Olive Oil Experience, the best way to get to know the Green Gold of Italy.

The Olive Oil Experience starts with a little tour of the charming Canal District of Milan, aka Navigli, home of artisan workshops and inviting bistrots. Our destination is a fascinating historical building, which was a convent of nuns in the 17 century. Here we will be welcomed by Vittoria, a lovely lady who is an experienced and certified olive oil sommelier. She will be our guide at the discovery of the world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

You will learn how to taste olive oil and assess its organolectic characteristics with your senses: looking at it, smelling it and finally tasting it. You will try a number of different olive oils, and learn how to identify subtle scents in olive oil such as ripe tomato, artichoke and grass. Did you know that olive oil can be spicy?

And you will have fun. Vittoria will teach you the proper way to sip olive oil when tasting it: not just by swallowing it but “slurping” it while sipping some air as well. Yes, you will make a very impolite noise in the process, but that is the right way to do it!

Vittoria will also tell you what is the best pairing for each variety of olive oil, and she will recommend the type of olive oil more suitable for you.

Curious about the world of olive oil? Want to know more? Do write to us: we will be happy to answer to all your questions.