10 Best Things to Do in Milan #3 – Enjoy a ride on the historical tram



…at the price of 2 euro. We are talking of those yellow, wooden trams clattering around the city: funny, noisy, and simply adorable. They date from the 1920s, somehow they survived the bombings of WWII, and now they represent one of the most recognizable features of Milan.


Tram number 1

Quintessential Milanese elegance
Vintage elegance (photo by Claudio Caravano)

Take tram number 1. You’ll find it along via Manzoni, at the corner with piazza della Scala. Or head to the tram stop of piazza Cairoli, just in front of the massive Sforza Castle, at the bottom of the statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi. Line 1 stops there. It is nothing but a normal line of the public transport network in Milan, you don’t need a special ticket and you don’t have to book the ride. But the experience will be unique, because line 1 is only operated by old, historical trams, and because it stops in front of some of the highlights of Milan: La Scala Opera House, the Sforza Castle, the Arch of Peace, the Fashion District, etc. An amazing, unforgettable tour of Milan!


But where do I find the ticket?

You need this
The ticket

You don’t need a special ticket, but you will use the same ticket needed for all other buses, trams and in the metro. Tickets can be purchased at a metro station or at a “tabacchi”, a tobacco shop, or at newsstands. When you get on the tram, stamp it. It will allow you to ride for 90 minutes on line 1 and on any other line in Milan. As an alternative, download the fantastic ATM app (ATM in Milan means Azienda Trasporti Milanesi, not automated teller machine; if you need the latter, ask for a “bancomat”). On the app you may purchase tickets and get updated info about the service, including the exact time of the arrival of your tram.


Mirella and Valeria of Bella Milano Tours have selected for you the 10 best things to do in Milan. You won’t find typical highlights (“visit the outstanding Duomo”, “marvel at the beauty of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele”: follow us on one of our tours and we will show you the best of Milan!), but rather some sources of inspiration for an unforgettable visit to our beloved hometown.