Guided Tour

Stanley Tucci's Milan Tour

Did you enjoy Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy? Are you a foodie? Then join us on this food tour on the footsteps of Stanley. We’ll be glad to be your “Virgil guide” through the Paradise of Milanese gastronomy.

We will start at Osteria del Treno, which Stanley describes as “embodying the history and spirit of Milan like almost nowhere else.” Here you will taste some mouthwatering traditional Milanese antipasti (Italian for starters) paired with a glass of top-shelf wine.

Our second stop will be at Ratanà, whose website presentation is a heartwarming manifesto:

We need farmers, poets, people who know how to make bread, people who love trees and who understand the way the wind blows. More important than a year of growth would be a year of awareness. Awareness of those of us who fall, of the sun that is born and that dies, of the children who grow up, awareness also of simple things like a street light or a brick wall eroded in time. To be a revolutionary today means to be able to take away rather than to add, to slow down rather than to speed up, it means to value silence, the light of day, fragility, sweetness.”

Ratanà is famous for its risotto, the luxuriously creamy rice dish made with saffron. Of course wine will be involved.

After a quick delicious surprise stop, and a ride on a historical tram that passes along the imposing Arch of Peace and the elegant boulevards of the Napoleon era, we’ll dock at the former harbor of Milan and stroll along the Naviglio (aka canal) to finally raise a glass at hip Mag Cafè.

Buon appetito!