DESIGN WEEK – Our tips for you – 4. Swinging Furniture

During the Design Week, Fonderia Napoleonica will turn into a surprising indoor oasis, inspired by the traditional Hakoniwa, the miniature Japanese garden. Organic furniture made of wood, paper and brass, will be hanging from the tall roof, integrating in their structure natural elements such as trees. The project, called “Swinging Furniture”, is signed by Enzo […]

DESIGN WEEK – Our tips for you – 3. Armani and Ando

This year’s Design Week sees a special collaboration between two masters: Giorgio Armani and Tadao Ando. Just opened in via Bergognone, “The Challenge” is the first exhibition at Armani Silos dedicated to architecture. It showcases the career of the Japanese architect that has distinguished himself for his original use of nature and the combination of elements like […]

DESIGN WEEK – Our tips for you – 2. Brera Design District

Brera is one one the most stimulating hubs during the Design Week. This year, Brera Design District celebrates its 10th anniversary, and the cobblestone streets of the picturesque neighborhood will host a wealth of initiatives and events. The 2019 theme is “Design Your Life”, that draws inspiration from Bill Burnett and Dave Evans’ book “Designing […]

DESIGN WEEK – Our tips for you – 1. Leonardo’s Horses

DESIGN WEEK – Our tips for you – 1. Leonardo’s Horses Design Week + the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death = 13 Leonardo’s horses! Yes, during the most hectic week of the year in Milan, the famous Leonardo’s horse will be replicated in 13 scale reproductions, or rather reinterpretations made by nationally and […]