Our Favourite Cotoletta alla Milanese

OUR FAVOURITE COTOLETTA ALLA MILANESE Who doesn’t love cotoletta alla milanese? It is our soul food, our comfort food, the treat grandma used to prepare us when we were kids and we visited her on Sundays. Therefore, our favourite cotoletta alla milanese is the one we make at home, with our family! But here is […]

Merry Christmas from Bella Milano Tours

Merry Christmas from Bella Milan Tours Mirella & Valeria – together with our four-legged family members – wish you all a very merry Christmas! Whether you are celebrating a secular or religious Christmas, your day is sure to be filled with happiness. You may be wondering what we do for Christmas in Italy. Actually, traditions and customs are quite different in […]

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  • 22 Dicembre 2017
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Street food in Milan: a tasting journey through Italy with your local guide

A tasting journey through Italy in just one day. Is it possible? Yes, if you follow your local guide around Milan. This city is a crossroad of cultures, people and traditions and is the only place in Italy where you can find everything that you can desire in terms of food. Italian culture includes a rich food […]