5 things you should know about St Ambrose’s Day

If you happen to be in Milan on the second week of December, here are 5 things you should know about St Ambrose’s Day, which is celebrated on December 7th. 1 – St Ambrose was the bishop of Milan at the end of the fourth century after Christ. He is the patron saint of Milan, […]

Fly to Milan for Carnival!

Mardi Gras is just a few days away and you are already missing Carnival street parades and masked balls? Follow the advice of your trusted local guides, Mirella and Valeria, and fly to Milan, where Carnival will peak next Saturday! Yes, in Milan we celebrate Carnival a little later than the rest of the Christian […]

Street food in Milan: a tasting journey through Italy with your local guide

A tasting journey through Italy in just one day. Is it possible? Yes, if you follow your local guide around Milan. This city is a crossroad of cultures, people and traditions and is the only place in Italy where you can find everything that you can desire in terms of food. Italian culture includes a rich food […]