The day we met Rick Steves

WHAT A DAY, THE DAY WE MET RICK STEVES! What a day, the day we met Rick Steves! A few months before the awful pandemic took hold, we had the privilege to accompany Rick Steves, the world famous travel writer, in a tour of the best restaurants in Milan. It was a hot day of […]

Our Favourite Cotoletta alla Milanese

OUR FAVOURITE COTOLETTA ALLA MILANESE Who doesn’t love cotoletta alla milanese? It is our soul food, our comfort food, the treat grandma used to prepare us when we were kids and we visited her on Sundays. Therefore, our favourite cotoletta alla milanese is the one we make at home, with our family! But here is […]

10 Best Things to Do #4 – A Luxury Lunch at a Little Price

10 Best Things to Do #4 – A Luxury Lunch at a Little Price Our fourth tip in the list of the 10 best things to do in Milan is a gift for gourmands: enjoy a luxury lunch at a very little price. No kidding: we are talking of the best restaurants in Milan, some […]


Welcome to Far from the madding crowd – #2 Milan’s East End. This it the second of a series of posts which will guide you around less known neighborhoods of Milan, away from the busy center but where real locals go. Breakfast will be a pleasure at Elettrautocadore, a former garage now turned into a versatile cocktail bar. It is quite […]

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  • 29 Febbraio 2016
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Eating out in Milan chapter 1: casual and hip

Eating out in Milan is always an  interesting experience: new places are opening, other ones are changing and fresh trends are arriving. We’ve decided to write about the ones we like and to share our impressions, and since a single post would be too short, we’re proud to introduce you our column…Eating out in Milan! How many […]