Mirella Maestri


Archaeologist, foodie, shoe addicted and bookworm. Sounds weird? You know, I’m a girl who loves to have both, a full bookcase and a full closet. I was born in Piedmont, the Italian region with best food and best wines – that’s why I can talk about food for hours – then 13 years ago I moved to Milan for my post degree specialization and I fell in love, with the city and then with Matteo, my native-born Milanese husband. Since I’m not from here, studying to get the Milan tour guide license was like “getting the citizenship”, and now I feel I’m both, Piemontese and Milanese. I love my job and I think I’m lucky! Working as a guide, I have the chance to meet interested and interesting people coming from all over the world and to share my knowledge with them by talking about history, visiting hidden gems, telling stories and introducing our habits, like a local friend would. In my free time I love to stay with my family, hang out with friends, visit exhibitions, do a little shopping of course and enjoy life. Oh yeah, did I mention that I love Milan?