Tommy's Lady @Pinch Milano
Tommy’s Lady @Pinch Milano

Living in Milan is just exciting and we can’t stop sharing with you our experiences with you. The choice for bars is wide and rich, but like everyone, we’ve our favorite corners, so this one doesn’t want to be the ultimate guide to cocktail bars in Milan, but just our selection of places where we like to go when we want to drink a great cocktail in a cool place with our friends or loved ones.

Pinch Spirits & Kitchen

In the charming frame of the Naviglio Grande, one of the two surviving canals of Milan, this 30s inspired cocktail bar with a hint of contemporary has just celebrated its first birthday, but is already a landmark for cocktail lovers. The offer of drinks is rich and accurate and if you feel overwhelmed, ask the bartender, he’ll suggest you the best. If you’re hungry you may order something to eat like burgers or fish and chips (and this is our choice).

Our tip:  Tommy’s Lady, we don’t know if is their best cocktail, but we’re still dreaming of it!

L’Elettrauto Cadore

The name means “garage” and dates back to the origin of the place which was actually a garage, before being transformed into a hip bar. We like to come here for an “aperitivo” or after dinner for a cocktail, the atmosphere is understatement and chill, waiters are kind, the buffet is rich and cocktails are great. When the season is warm, you may choose to seat outside.


Our tip:  When we’ve time, we like to buy a magazine, seat outside and have a 1-hour-long breakfast.

Armani Bamboo Bar

A high-end address and one of the best cocktail bars in town. The perfect place if you want to feel special and surrounded by beauty: the beauty of the elegant palette of furniture and fabrics and of the city, visible from the floor-to-ceiling windows. Everything, from the music to the incense perfume, will envelope you with a pleasant feeling. And what can we say about the service? Armani standard of course!

Our tip: Come here at sunset, the orange light of the sun going down and the Duomo in the background are priceless.

And what about you? Tell us about your favorite addresses in town!